Keep Up With Your Customers with Improved Customer Service

A recent article, “Keep up with Your Customers—Why Scaling Your Customer Service is Important”, by Chow Li Ying discusses how to assist your customer service team deal with customer growth as your business grows.

Naturally, with escalating client numbers, requests for assistance and guidance will also increase. Here’s how to keep your employees up to speed.

Distinct Approach

Simply increasing the headcount of your support team in team office space is not the only solution to effectively responding to escalating customer queries.  As your customer service team grows, other factors, such as organizational skills and job delegation come into play.

Handling a larger team in staffed flexible offices involves new strategies and customer service tools. Equipping managers with analytics should help increase agent productivity and enable monitoring of customer service metrics.

Handling Expectations

Customers expect a high level of professionalism as your short term offices expands. They expect better support when your business grows, or at least keep the same standard.

If your customer service fails to catch up with your growth rate, you’ll notice numbers like missed chats and wait times increasing. It’s a sign that while there’s no lack of customers streaming in, you might not be well equipped to handle all their concerns.

No Fix Solution

Logically, the practical solution to deal with a greater volume of customer requests is to hire additional employees. However, it is not always the ultimate answer because as the customer service team grows in number it may bring unique set of problems that will require your attention.

Improving customer service operations using shortcuts builds knowledge bases that can help your customer support team achieve more without expanding your group. Teaching your customers how to help themselves is also a great way to scale your customer service without additional costs.

Mixed Up Customers

Many companies in day offices expand through the process of acquisition or diversification, which sometimes can confuse customers.  For example, when Zopim first started out, they only focused on a few chat-related features. But as they grew and attended to the needs of their users, their features became gradually more complex.

Complicated products are great. They solve problems. But the truth is, 94% of customers reject great products because they find them hard to operate. That’s where your customer support team is needed the most.


A successful business is primarily based on a great customer service team that constantly exceeds customer expectations.

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