How To Know You Talk Too Much at the Office

11111Wouldn’t you be embarrassed if you were being called a called Chatty Cathy behind your back at work?  Could you be the jabberjaws your coworkers can’t stand to see coming?  A recent article,  4 Signs You Talk Too Much at the Office, by Kim Lachance Shandrow, discusses four signs that indicate you talk too much at the office.

  1. You do most of the talking.

If you find that you start conversations with your coworkers most of the time, and if you dominate most of the chitchats you start, chances are you talk too much.

Tip: “Most people aren’t aware that they talk too much,” says Annie Stevens, managing partner at ClearRock. Her wise motto for workplace communication is simple: “Be brief, be brilliant, be gone.”

  1. Everyone near you wears earbuds.

If everyone has earbuds stuffed into their ears, or if they swiftly jam them into their ears upon your approach, sorry, bud, they’re trying to avoid you.

Tip: Talk about specific work-related topics with your co-workers as needed and stay on-topic.

  1. People pay no attention when you talk.

People look at their phone or off in the distance when you talk. If a person glazes over and looks like they’d rather be anywhere but here listening to you ramble, it’s because they probably would.

Tip: Take their indifferent gesture as a clue and shut your mouth.

  1. You can’t answer a question briefly.

Someone asks you what time it is and you tell them about the time someone told you the time that time you when you asked them for the time on the train. You follow? Nope. Neither did we. See? It’s irritating.

Tip: Stop, listen to the question and think about your answer before opening up your mouth. If the person who asked you has a follow-up question, then feel free to add to your answer. If not, clam up and move on.


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