Go Global: 5 Pro Tips for Small Business

Virtual OfficeNowadays, with tremendous advancement in technology, doing international sales for your small business is attainable.  A recent article, How to Sell Overseas: 5 Tips for Small Business, by Dan Leberman, shows that cross-border trade is growing swiftly. The internet has no limits, and it’s not difficult to reach international shoppers.

Below are five tips to help you start and grow your sales globally.

  1. Make your website more engaging to global consumers
  • Emphasize your ability to accept international orders.
  • Ensure that your website has a multi-language toggle.
  • Use eye catching images and videos.
  • List your items in local currency and offer clear information on shipping, costs, and countries served.
  1. Learn and Understand Local Market Preferences

Understanding the culture, business practices, and consumer preferences of different countries will help you succeed in international selling.  You can use PayPal’s free tool, PassPort to learn the unique needs of each consumer.

  1. Provide simple and secured payment options

Provide your customers a payment option from a trusted and well known payment processor, like PayPal.  You can also offer a digital wallet that allows customers to maintain financial privacy.

  1. Provide all-in-one shipping solutions

Evaluate various global shipping services like DHL, FedEx and UPS, that offer all-in-one solutions and guarantee that your products safely reach your shoppers. Also, ensure that your return and return-shipping policies are specific for global transactions.

  1. Study Local Finance Regulations

You must understand and follow the different nations’ policies and regulation on the taxes, duties, customs regulations, and rules in order to sell in their markets.


Observing the tips above will help your small business succeed in the global market.  A great way to expand your business across borders is by operating from a virtual office. YourOffice features top of the line technology and virtual office amenities to help you connect with customers and business partners around the world.

We hope this article has encouraged you to go global.  Happy selling! We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can also reach us on Google Plus and Twitter.

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