4 Red Flags Your Start‐up is at Risk

A recent article, 5 Signs Your Startup Is Destined to Fail by Jayson DeMers believes that the business journey is unpredictable, difficult and perilous ‐‐‐surface factors are not reliable metrics for determining its course. Most businesses that fail don’t fail unexpectedly, but rather as the consequence of a problem that’s existed from the start.

Here are four red flags your startup is at risk. Watch out!

1. You haven’t improved or modified anything.

  • Have you tried to target a different audience?
  • Have you tried to innovate to stay competitive?
  • Have you presented a new product that your competitors can’t match?
  • Have you adopted a new customer service procedure?

If you haven’t changed or improved a single thing, then you may be left behind it shows that you’re not committed to evolve.

2. Your workforce turnover is high.

It’s a warning sign for your company in executive office space if your employee turnover is high. It could be that the inner workings of the company don’t meet expectations, jobs are too demanding and exhausting, no career advancement, or that those leaving employees anticipate the pending demise of the company. None of these signs promise a bright future.

3. Consumers aren’t promoting your business.

If you don’t really understand your company’s performance and potential, you haven’t been performing your entrepreneurial role diligently and efficiently which means your company’s under some frail and poor leadership.


Recognizing these signs in the early stage of your business journey allows you to rectify and reposition your company for success. As startup, you can look for new workspace solution to attract top talents and help you with your business endeavors. YourOffice features a network of world-class business addresses. Each location offers both beautifully appointed short term offices and permanent individual office space. Our offices are move‐in ready and equipped with top furnishings and technology that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

How’s your business doing? Let’s see your comments below. We’d also invite you to see us on Twitter and Google Plus.

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