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How To Know You Talk Too Much at the Office

Wouldn’t you be embarrassed if you were being called a called Chatty Cathy behind your back at work?  Could you be the jabberjaws your coworkers can’t stand to see coming?  A recent article,  4 Signs You Talk Too Much at the Office, by Kim Lachance Shandrow, discusses four signs that indicate you talk too much at the office. You do […]

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Keep Up With Your Customers with Improved Customer Service

A recent article, “Keep up with Your Customers—Why Scaling Your Customer Service is Important”, by Chow Li Ying discusses how to assist your customer service team deal with customer growth as your business grows. Naturally, with escalating client numbers, requests for assistance and guidance will also increase. Here’s how to keep your employees up to speed. Distinct Approach Simply increasing […]

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