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Top Tasks Small Business Owners Should Outsource

A recent article, 12 chores small-business owners should pay someone else to do by Rachel Gillett says that time/energy is one of the most vital factors in running a small business. Here are some areas that you can outsource, giving you more time to run your business. Business related tasks Administrative tasks You can get a virtual office to assist […]

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How to Make Customer Service Roles Alluring to Millennials

Are you skeptical about hiring millennial employees to work in customer service roles? A recent article, 3 Tips for Hiring Millennials to Work in Customer Service, by Rieva Lesonsky disagrees with the conventional Millennial worker perception.  Millennials are often seen as entitled, spoiled and hard to work with. Most business owners believe there is no way to convince them to […]

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Keep Up With Your Customers with Improved Customer Service

A recent article, “Keep up with Your Customers—Why Scaling Your Customer Service is Important”, by Chow Li Ying discusses how to assist your customer service team deal with customer growth as your business grows. Naturally, with escalating client numbers, requests for assistance and guidance will also increase. Here’s how to keep your employees up to speed. Distinct Approach Simply increasing […]

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