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5 Digital Marketing Tips for Business

A digital marketing strategy is an absolute given for any company trying to market itself online – right? That’s certainly the impression you’d get from reading most digital marketing blogs, where the question of whether you should have a digital marketing strategy has long ago been eclipsed by how to develop one. And yet, on the ground, most companies remain unconvinced. Here are five reasons why: […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Telephone Answering Service

As a small business owner you know the importance of client communication. This communication includes answering incoming telephone calls. In today’s digital age, clients demand lightning fast replies to their telephone (and email) calls. Because most business owners are busy running their business, answering client calls may become the last thing on their list of to-dos. This situation becomes worse […]

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“CoWork” – A New Reality Show That’s Anything but ‘Business as Usual’

With the US economy still recovering from the recession, there are more freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses than ever before. One of the ways these non-traditional workers have managed to survive is through coworking. With coworking, many different people share the same work environment although they work independently and are not employed by the same organization. It has proven […]

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