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5 Key Factors for Effective Business Web Conferencing

In a recent article, Top 5 Essentials for Successful Online Business Meetings, William Johnson writes about the slow death of face-to-face meetings due to the rapid growth of online meeting. Today, big and small businesses are benefiting from Web conferencing. With the application of online meeting tools and software, hosting virtual events can significantly decrease the financial investment needed to […]

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Enriching Your Sales Opportunities

Marketing is a promising and challenging career yet it offers no certainty. A recent article, 8 Ways to Better Your Sales Opportunities, by Mike Carnow, shares thoughts on how to improve and enrich your selling skills. Know Your Prospect(s) Get to know your prospective clients from executive suites South Park. Your pitch will come across with much more confidence and […]

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Extreme Competition Can Be Fatal

Competition is healthy yet being too competitive is fatal according to a recent article Being too competitive could be shortening your life by Tom Jacobs. Being competitive is a common trait among small business owners. Many of classical music’s greatest composers died at surprisingly young ages. Mozart was 35; Schubert, 31. George Bizet passed away at age 37, convinced his […]

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