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SuperBowl Commercial Business Lessons

For some, watching the SuperBowl is less about the football and more about the commercials. Fortunately, viewers had a lot to discuss after seeing the commercial line up that took place this past Sunday Expanding on this, Oechsle shares that he believes strong advertisements help tell the story of a brand. For small business owners, this could be among the most […]

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Small Business Owners Share How They Plan to Innovate in 2015

Small business owners are often some of the most innovative entrepreneurs. This is a necessity; small businesses have to be innovative to compete with larger companies and stay on top of ever-shifting market dynamics. But there’s also something about small business owners that is conducive to innovation. Small business owners tend to be courageous, confident, curious people who are eager […]

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“CoWork” – A New Reality Show That’s Anything but ‘Business as Usual’

With the US economy still recovering from the recession, there are more freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses than ever before. One of the ways these non-traditional workers have managed to survive is through coworking. With coworking, many different people share the same work environment although they work independently and are not employed by the same organization. It has proven […]

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Charities Learning Importance of Funding via Social Media

A recent survey commissioned by the American Red Cross suggests that social media may be the new frontier for fundraising.   As many charities churn through their crucial holiday fund drives, the Red Cross announced the results of the survey that found 7 in 10 social media users are giving to nonprofits, both online and offline. The online survey of […]

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