Common Character Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

A recent article, 7 Character Traits Every Entrepreneur Should Cultivate, by Kenny Kline, describes entrepreneurs as strong-willed individuals. They persevere when confronted with business challenges and uncertainties. Here are some qualities shared by successful entrepreneurs. Self-motivated Cultivating a single-minded focus on business goals and visions leads to success. It helps you tolerate ambiguities and difficulties while starting up. Hard work, […]

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7 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work

A recent article, 8 Heart Healthy Office Snacks to Stash at Your Desk by Rebecca Levin, observes that snacking provides more energy and improves overall health. However, when at the office, most people opt to snack on fatty potato chips, fries, and candy bars. Junk foods can actually decrease your work productivity by making you feel lethargic. Instead, check out these […]

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5 Key Factors for Effective Business Web Conferencing

In a recent article, Top 5 Essentials for Successful Online Business Meetings, William Johnson writes about the slow death of face-to-face meetings due to the rapid growth of online meeting. Today, big and small businesses are benefiting from Web conferencing. With the application of online meeting tools and software, hosting virtual events can significantly decrease the financial investment needed to […]

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